WEBINAR RECORDING | Innovating Capacity Development for EIDM in Africa: Addressing Structural and Value Issues within ecosystems


If you are interested in this topic, read more in the blog post or review the webinar presentation.

The Africa Evidence Network hosted its third session of the Evidence 2023 capacities webinar series on 5 July 2023 entitled: "Innovating Capacity Development for EIDM in Africa: Addressing Structural and 
Value Issues within ecosystems."

We had the pleasure of hosting our seasoned speakers who introduced some innovative approaches used in targeting structural and value issues militating against EIDM within their respective ecosystems.

The speakers shared on:

  • ways their organisations intervene for longer-term impacts and sustained use of capacities developed and how these are measured.
  • engagements despite the multiplicity of ecosystems actors within political systems and across organisational levels throughout these interventions.
  • whether their organisations, employed in EIDM capacity development, worked through established institutional frameworks, processes, and protocols or created new ones.
  • the mechanisms used to mainstream cross-cutting development themes such as equity and social inclusion (decoloniality), transparency, accountability, etc.

The session was moderated by Kirchuffs Atengble and it was chaired by Siziwe Ngcwabe, the co-chairs of Evidence 2023.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at info@africaevidencenetwork.org.