Why Join The Network

If you are part of the growing group of Africans and others working in Africa with an interest in evidence-informed decision-making, we encourage you to join the Network. We hope that joining the Network will enable you to engage with others working towards the same aim. As well as a chance to make contacts, it will give you access to information collated on a single website about the activities and experience of those working in evidence-informed policy and practice in Africa.

Our intention is to link up people and activities across the various initiatives, organisations and fields working to produce and use better evidence. We are particularly, but not exclusively, interested in research synthesis and the methodologies of Evidence Mapping, Rapid Evidence Assessment and Systematic Review.

The Network provides a free individual membership which offers information, resources, networking and events valued at 54 USD per year. If you would to take advantage of this free membership offer, you can sign up on our home page, or alternatively contact our co-ordinator ace@uj.ac.za. You can also get in touch with us on twitter (@Africa_evidence) and sign up for our newsletter.