Teaching evidence-based health care short course

The aim of the Evidence-based Health Care (EBHC) course is to enable participants to develop an understanding of the fundamental theory relating to teaching and learning in an adult learning context, and to apply that theory in an authentic teaching context which has an EBHC theme.

By the end of this course successful participants will be able to:
·         Describe current perspectives on how people learn and theory that underpins these perspectives
·         Write learning outcomes for teaching EBHC to a particular audience
·         Describe and evaluate various teaching methods which promote active learning
·         Practice some of the methods which promote active learning
·         Deliver and evaluate a teaching event in EBHC for a particular target audience and setting by:
·         Determining the learning needs of the audience
·         Writing learning outcomes for the event
·         Developing and selecting relevant teaching materials
·         Employing appropriate methods of teaching
·         Developing and using appropriate evaluation tools

This course starts in July 2017 and is presented using a blended approach where participants will be required to participate online and attend a contact session in Cape Town during a designated contact 4 day block 22-25 August 2017.

All participants need access to a laptop/notebook computer and internet. Participants will be required to participate in assessments. A formal certificate of competence will be issued upon successful completion of the course.

Credit value: 12 credits             NQF level: 9

The course is offered by staff from the Centre for Evidence-based Health Care www.sun.ac.za/cebhc and the Centre for Health Professions Education.

For any enquiries and application forms please contact Anthea Henry email: ahenry@sun.ac.za Tel: +27 21 938 9157