Science, medicine and agriculture: 3 winning ideas from Total StartUpper competition

Starting a successful business relies on a great idea, a solid plan, a little bit of risk, and a truckload of dedication. Recently, as part of an initiative from the Total Group (AMO), aimed at empowering entrepreneurs within Africa Middle East, the Total StartUpper campaign launched a competition for young entrepreneurs to submit their business proposals and motivation for funding. To help spread the word and get to grips with the ins and outs of the entrepreneur startup cycle we conducted written and video interviews with entrepreneurs about the business of starting a business, the nuts and bolts of a solid business plan, as well as had candid discussions about failure, and how you measure success.

The Total Startupper winners have now been announced! South Africa saw three of its very own being awarded, each entrepreneur having submitted a unique, innovative and impactful business idea aimed at improving conditions in the areas of science, medicine, and agriculture respectively. We caught up with the three winners to find out a bit more about their successful idea, how they approached the design of each product, and where they’ll take them from here.  Continue reading