Network Initiatives

Monthly newsletters

The Network is currently co-ordinated by a team at the University of Johannesburg and, in addition to this website, includes a monthly email sharing news and events. If you are not yet on our mailing list, please contact and we will make sure you are included.

Workshops on Evidence-Informed Decision-Making

UJ-BCURE regularly hosts workshops that combine the theory behind evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) with discussions on how participants could effectively implement this in a government context.

Seeking funding for capacity-building across the region

Members of our network have been working on applications for funding to build capacity in the use of research evidence across the region. If you know of any opportunities for related funding, would like support in applying, or are looking for partners, please get in touch. We will publicise future opportunities in our newsletters.

Science cafés

The Science Café programme is implemented by the Zimbabwe Evidence-informed Policy Network (Zeipnet). It brings together researchers and policymakers to engage in discussions around current research aiming to create a forum of exchange. ZeipNet’s science cafes are deliberately held at informal venues, such as coffee shops, restaurants etc. This informal environment is thought to facilitate a more open and flexible communication of ideas. Technical jargon is discouraged and events combine experts and policymakers from diverse disciplines.