Lessons from 2014: What Policy Makers want from Researchers?

Research to Action has published an article on What Policy Makers want from Researchers. This article is based on lessons drawn from 2014 by policymakers and presents key studies and findings by renowned authors. Studies in the UK, USA and Australia depict the needs of policy-makers in these regions. The papers presented in this study include the following:

‘Sir Humphrey and the professors: What does Whitehall want from academics?’ This is a British study by Talbot and Talbot on civil servants ‘needs from researchers. ‘What Do Policy Makers want from us?’ by Avey and Desch, outlines the needs of US policy-makers. In Australia, Ferguson et al explores the question ‘Are policy-makers interested in social science research?’

The above studies are summarized by Duncan Green and  Enrique Mendizibal, where they outline the key expectations of policy-makers from academics.