Invitation to join a social platform for knowledge communities

As professionals in knowledge brokering you might be interested in a new social platform called Sofoi (  which aims to support the exchange of information and insights within knowledge communities composed of experts, researchers and practitioners.
Sofoi provides participants with extensive, credible and up-to-date information on scientific, technological and policy developments relating to global challenges such as climate change, international development, energy, water, and food security, among others.  The platform also enables researchers and experts to exchange insights with their peers working in different institutions.
The platform can be applied by existing knowledge communities as a mechanism for enabling greater peer-to-peer interaction, and promoting the sharing of information, insights and analysis among members.  In addition to the public version the platform, we can create private spaces for closed communities.
If you a have a role as a knowledge broker or a community manager, and would be interested in seeing whether Sofoi could be adapted to your community, then please contact me at
You can register for the platform here: