Free webinar- Knowledge into policy: Going beyond ‘context matters’- a conceptual framework and how to use it

The role and importance of context in the interaction between research and policy is widely recognized. It features in general literature on the subject, in case studies of how research has successfully influenced policy, and in practitioner reflections on the results of their work.

Despite this, there is significant room to improve our understanding of how context matters. If you are a policymaker, a researcher, a capacity building expert or a donor interested in better deciphering how context can affect and be affected by your efforts, join us on a free 1.15 hour webinar on September 7th, at 2 PM UK time to jointly analyze and discuss future opportunities. If interested, send an email to sends e-mail) with your name and organization. We look forward to an enriching discussion!

More information about the webinar is available here or visit Politics & Ideas website.