Evidence based healthcare needs assessment questionnaire

There is a sea of research material available in various formats in the world. However, there is a gulf of using best evidence by decision and policy makers. This gap can be bridged through evidence synthesis, evidence translation into knowledge to be used by policy makers and clinicians. Therefore Jimma University wishes to establish a master’s program in Evidence Based Health Care.

This survey is to assess the need for the evidence synthesis, evidence translation into usable knowledge and evidence utilization for policy making and useful to various stakeholders. Evidence based decision making is an urgent universal need of the time and there is a paucity of manpower who can synthesize evidence, translate into utilization format and various methods of utilization. Therefore, Jimma University requests you to answer the following questions which take about 10-12 minutes. Your contribution in developing this Masters Program will be of great help to produce skilled manpower on evidence based development. Kindly return the filled in questionnaire to the sender at earliest possible time.

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 Deadline: 5 August 2017