Day 3: Thursday, 22 September 2016

Theme: Impact

Plenary Session

Keynote address:

Prof. Ruth Stewart, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Relationships and EIDM: dual pillars for increasing the use of evidence

Breakout session 7: Impact of using evidence

Presentation 1:

Mr. Laurenz Langer

The science of using science: Systematic review results on the use of research evidence in decision-making

Presentation 2:

Dr. Collins Mitambo

Impact of Evidence on Decision Making: A case for Malawi

Presentation 3:

Dr. Jasson Kalugendo

What is the impact of linking policy-making processes with evidence?

Presentation 4:

Mr. Ahmed Vawda

The use of a suite of evaluations to  provide evidence in the process of major policy reform- in the housing and human settlements domain in South Africa

Closing  session:

Presentation 1:

Dr. Alex Ademokun, Department for International development (DFID), United Kingdom

Lessons from EIPM: Programming to Practice

Presentation 2:

Mr. Ibrahim Inusah, GINKs, Ghana

Impacts of Vaka Yiko’s EIDM intervention in Ghana

Breakout Session 8: Impact of Evidence Networks

Presentation 1:

Introduction and overview on impact of Evidence Networks

Ms. Bery Leach

Presentation 2:

Ms. Precious Motha

Building relationships to support the use of evidence in Africa: the Africa Evidence Network

Presentation 3:

Mrs. Adeline Sibanda

Contribution of the African Evaluation Association to evalution capacity development in Africa

Closing and vote of thanks

Prof. Ruth Stewart, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Final closing remarks