Day 1: Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Theme: Engage

Plenary Session

Opening Keynote Address 1:

Minister Naledi Pandor, Minister of Science and Technology, South Africa

Minister Pandor’s speech

Keynote Address 2:

Hon. Olfa Soukrie Cherif, Member of Parliament, Tunisia

Engaging Parliamentarians in Evaluation and Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation

Keynote Address 3:

Prof. John Lavis, McMaster University, Canada

Engaging stakeholders in developing evidence-informed approaches to tackling pressing health challenges

Breakout Session 1: Engagement between stakeholders

Presentation 1

Prof. Taryn Young

Policy Buddies: lessons learned by researchers engaging in “buddying” with provincial policymakers in South Africa to advance evidence-informed decision-making

Presentation 2

Mr. Gilchriste Ndongwe

Stakeholder Engagement and Evidence: the missing link

Presentation 3

Dr. Yvonne Erasmus

What works to build capacity to use research evidence in South Africa and Malawi: a cross-government perspective

Presentation 4

Ms. Josephine Watera

Engagement between stakeholders: Lessons from the partnerships between Parliament of Uganda and Civil Society Organisations

Breakout Session 2: Engagement with evidence

Presentation 1

Mr Kieron Crawley

An exploration of factors that shape the engagement of legislators with monitoring and evaluation data as part of parliamentary oversight

Presentation 2

Dr. Abiba Longwe-Ngwira

Training as an intervention for building capacity for evidence use: Experiences from Kenya and Malawi

Presentation 3

Dr. Christine Taljaard

Strengthening country efforts for evidence-informed decision-making in nutrition and health: The EVIDENT experience

Presentation 4

Mr. Thomas Scalway

Picture it: can data-visualisation and information graphics bridge the gap between evidence producers and decision makers?