AEN Colloquium Day 4

Day 4: Friday 28 November 2014

Day 4 of the AEN Colloquium was a training day for the participants on Systematic Reviews and Government Evaluation. Presentations were made to participants in the form of learning sessions.

LEARNING SESSION A: Systematic Reviews

Learning Session A1

Dr Philip Davies: International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, 3ie

Systematic Reviews and rapid evidence assessments for decision-making

Learning Session A2

Ms Jan Tripney: EPPI Centre, London, Ms Natalie Rebelo Da Silva: University of Johannesburg

An introduction hands-on session on accessing, appraising and integrating different types of evidence

Learning Session A3

Dr Isaac Choge and Evans Muchiri: UJ-BCURE

An in-depth practical session on synthesis of evidence

Introduction to meta-analysis

LEARNING SESSION B: Government Evaluation

Learning Session B1

An introduction to using research evidence in decision-making

Presenter 1

Dr Wanga Zembe: Southern African Social Policy Research Institute (SASPRI)

An introduction to using research evidence in decision making

Presenter 2

Dr Maxton Tsoka: Centre for Social Research (CSR), Malawi

Using evidence in the design of a Social Support Programmes:The Case of Malawi

Learning Session B2

Monitoring and Evaluation and the utilisation of data

Mr Gibson Masache, Martin Chirambo, Albert Dube: Parent and Child Health Initiative (PACHI)

Utilisation of Monitoring Data, Best Practices and Barriers to Its Use

Learning Session B3

Mr Deo-Gracias-Houndolo: International Initiative for Evaluations, 3ie

Approaches to evaluate Government Programmes: What is possible and when?