Core Capacity Building Resources

Core training resources and guidelines

UJ-BCURE has developed core training resources and guidelines to mentorships and secondments that can be accessed by following the links below. These resources are open access and available for use by anyone interested in the evidence-informed decision-making process.

UJ-BCURE Team Mentorship guidelines

Revised Mentorship guidelines

Module1_Introduction to UJBCURE

Module2_Introduction to evidence-informed decision-making

Module3_Utilisation of evidence_monitoring and evaluation

Module4_Accessing evidence

Handout_Module 4:_Sources of evidence

Module 5_Appraising evidence

Handout_Module 5_Quality appraisal overview

Handout_Module 5_Quality appraisal exercise

Module6_Synthesising evidence

Handout_Module 6_Synthesis exercise

Module7_Integrating evidence

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