CEE 2018: Call for sessions and training events

The Collaboration for Environmental Evidence and its French Centre located at the Foundation for Research on Biodiversity invite you to submit proposals for sessions and training events to build an exciting, interesting and relevant programme for this event together. The programme will encompass two days of training events and three days of conference. During the conference there will be plenary talks, oral sessions, poster sessions and other events (e.g. round tables).

Themed Sessions are series of talks presented during half a day or a full day during the conference. Proposing a session means ensuring the leadership of this session by inviting colleagues to communicate about their results and experience. The sessions may highlight a topic (e.g. results of systematic reviews conducted in forestry or environmental education or any other environmentallyrelated topic), methodologies (e.g. advancement in meta-analysis, assessment of risks of biases, evidence synthesis methods), or any other concern about knowledge assessment (e.g. impact on policy and practice, development of collaborative consortia, funding, etc.). The sessions can be complemented by poster presentations, round-tables, other communication activities (e.g. press conference, business meals, online chats, etc), and linked to training events.

Training events are opportunities for learning and for professional development. You are invited to propose a training event as a trainer or teacher and you may ask for a budget to run the event if you wish (in which case participants will have to pay to attend the training event). Training events may provide insights about methodologies and tools that are useful to conduct a systematic review or map, including complementary approaches (e.g. theory of change, writing skills, etc.). They should also be opportunities to share experiences about the conduct of evidence synthesis and to network with colleagues sharing similar experience or concerns. They may be delivered for students as well as for all interested professionals.

Calls for submission of abstracts for talks and posters for individual presentations will be launched on September 22nd. Talks that are not contributing to a proposed session will be grouped into open sessions that share some common themes.

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