Call for Affiliates

The Anglophone Africa Centre for Learning, Evaluation and Results (CLEAR-AA)  is interested in exploring ways of collaborating around existing projects, adding to their database of consultants, and also in contributing to a community of practice on evaluation in the region. If you are an emerging evaluator or established professional looking to expand your professional network, consider becoming a CLEAR-AA affiliate

As a CLEAR-AA affiliate, you could be an evaluation professional, academic, or emerging researcher with a demonstrated interest in monitoring and evaluation tools, systems, and methodologies.

Affiliates bring in technical knowledge, and contribute to evaluation practice through joint practitioner learning. Affiliates may be experienced evaluators, or they may be researchers or technical experts looking to expand their knowledge of evaluation. CLEAR-AA Affiliates are expected to:

Join CLEAR-AA for a joint project. After this project, affiliates may be invited to take the lead on work in their own area of interest.

Be actively involved in CLEAR-AA through attending events, presenting your ongoing work, and being active in a growing community of practice.

Active affiliates are encouraged to:

Jointly author academic articles in the field of monitoring and evaluation

Collaboratively develop proposals for evaluation work within CLEAR-AAs areas of interest.

Contribute your skills and expertise to mentor  junior evaluators, and also identify areas of growth for your own development.

If you are interested in becoming a CLEAR-AA affiliate, please fill out this form.  Even if you do not see scope to become a CLEAR-AA affiliate, consider getting in touch if you are interested in being part of a community of practice talking about evaluation, and building the field in the region.

For more information contact CLEAR-AA.