Africa Evidence Webinar

The Africa Evidence Network  is excited to launch the #AfricaEvidence webinar series. This series will present a platform to engage and discuss the role of evidence to inform policy-making in Africa. A webinar will host key African evidence thinkers to discuss the role of evidence to support policy-making and development on the continent.

Africa Evidence Webinar #1-  29 August 2018

Flyer- First Africa Evidence webinar invite

Video - “Evidence networks as a mechanism to support evidence-informed policy-making in Africa” with guest discussants Kirchuffs Atengble of Packs Africa and Ronald Munatsi of ZeipNET.

Africa Evidence Webinar #2-  11 October 2018

Flyer-   The 2nd Africa Evidence webinar  invite

Video - “Reflections and feedback from Evidence 2018″ with guest speakers Beryl Leach of 3ie , Rachel Emaasit of the National Planning Authority, Munisha Gupta Independent Lead Researcher, Ndi Euphrasia Ebai-Atuh of eBASE and Prof. Morankar Sudhakar of Jimma University .