Africa Evidence Webinar

The Africa Evidence Network  is excited to launch the #AfricaEvidence webinar series. This series will present a platform to engage and discuss the role of evidence to inform policy-making in Africa. A webinar will host key African evidence thinkers to discuss the role of evidence to support policy-making and development on the continent.

Africa Evidence Webinar #1-  29 August 2018

Flyer- First Africa Evidence webinar invite

Video - “Evidence networks as a mechanism to support evidence-informed policy-making in Africa” with guest discussants Kirchuffs Atengble of Packs Africa and Ronald Munatsi of ZeipNET.

Africa Evidence Webinar #2-  11 October 2018

Flyer-   The 2nd Africa Evidence webinar  invite

Video - “Reflections and feedback from Evidence 2018″ with guest speakers Beryl Leach of 3ie , Rachel Emaasit of the National Planning Authority, Munisha Gupta Independent Lead Researcher, Ndi Euphrasia Ebai-Atuh of eBASE and Prof. Morankar Sudhakar of Jimma University .

Africa Evidence Webinar #3-  6 December 2018

Flyer- The 3rd Africa Evidence webinar invite

Video: “Looking back and looking ahead: African evidence ecosystems and the Africa Evidence Network in 2019″ with guest spear Zafeer Ravat of Africa Centre for Evidence and chaired by AEN’s senior manager Siziwe Ngcwabe.

Click here to view the African evidence ecosystems maps.