AEN consultation on the conference strands for Evidence 2018

In September 2018, the Africa Evidence Network will be hosting EVIDENCE 2018. This conference will bring together delegates from across the world to the third biennial meeting of the Network. Our overall Evidence 2016 themes of ENGAGE, UNDERSTAND, IMPACT will continue at EVIDENCE 2018, focussing on how we engage with one another and with the evidence to find solutions, how we understand the available evidence and how it can be used, and the impact of using evidence to inform our decision-making.

In response to members’ requests, EVIDENCE 2018 will be structured around up to four priority issues for Africa. As a stakeholder of the Africa Evidence Network, we would like to hear your views on which priority issues EVIDENCE 2018 should tackle.

The list of conference priorities have been collated from key documents relating to the challenges currently facing our continent and have been refined through discussion. This list provides potential priority areas to be addressed at the conference.

Respond to our consultation here. It only takes a few minutes. The deadline for the consultation is Friday 22 September 2017;16:00 SAT.