About Us

What is the Africa Evidence Network?

The Africa Evidence Network (AEN) is a community of people who work in Africa and have an interest in evidence, its production and use in decision-making. The Network is supported by the Africa Centre for Evidence within the University of Johannesburg and includes researchers, practitioners and policy-makers from universities, civil society and government.

Our membership includes researchers engaged in systematic reviews, evidence maps and rapid evidence assessments, as well as government science advisors, statisticians, M&E officers, evaluation specialists and so many more. We include members of parliaments, local councilors, civil servants, government researchers and a whole range of people from civil society.

The aim of the Network is to link people and activities across various initiatives, organizations and fields working to produce and use better evidence in Africa. Currently, our membership is free and has reached over 1 000 members across the African continent and outside the continent. This brings opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing in the evidence-informed decision-making field (EIDM). The activities undertaken by the AEN are all focused on facilitating a connection between EIDM practitioners within Africa, and with the world of EIDM internationally.

How the Network began

The Network came into being following the Campbell Collaboration’s mini-colloquium in Dhaka Bangladesh in December 2012. There were a number of delegates from Africa attending from a range of backgrounds with varying links to different systematic review and evidence-based decision-making organisations. Following a meeting of all of the African delegates we decided it would be helpful to have a network to share information, experiences and ideas. We believe that in working together we can help to make evidence-informed policy and practice a reality across our region.